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Tilting at linguistic windmills: a million Welsh speakers
Internationally, governments concerned at improving the condition of a particular language, or languages, have increasingly adopted language strategies as a means of organising their policy

Bilingual Ottawa bill could cause legal problems
A provincial law to officially recognize the bilingualism of Ottawa may not be necessary, says Brampton lawyer-linguist Suzanne Deliscar. Liberal MPP Nathalie Des Rosiers recently

The Accent Whisperers of Hollywood
A French linguist named Jules Gilliéron began charting regional dialects on maps. Lovely and rich with detail, his earliest maps disappeared over time because of

Nepal launches Chinese language classes to boost tourism
Nepal and China have launched a programme to offer free training to up to 200 tourism entrepreneurs in Mandarin to attract more foreign visitors from

The Language of Insanity
I’m suffering through a major anxiety bout thanks to medication side effects. I told my doctor the anxiety is so bad that it incapacitates me

On Language: The Identity-Forming Element
The colloquial language of my hometown, Gyumri, is a concoction of the dialects brought from historic Erzurum and Kars, mixed with the occasional Turkish of

‘Our language is who we are’: Fifth-annual Ojibwe Language and Culture Camp wrapped Thursday
PONEMAH -- Some Red Lake-area kids immersed themselves in American Indian culture this week. The fifth-annual Ojibwe Language and Culture Camp wrapped up Thursday, but

New cybersecurity training offered at LCC
The certification will delve into several pertinent topics including using threat-detection tools, performing data analysis, and interpreting behavioral analytics to combat malware and cybersecurity threats.

Two-week Portuguese interpreting event ends tomorrow
The Macau Polytechnic Institute (IPM) and the Directorate-General for Interpretation of the European Commission have joined forces as organizers of the 7th Conference Interpreting Seminar,

Do you want to outsource multilingual call center service?
Do you lose your potential customers just because your employees can not speak your customer’s language? Grupo noa international multilingual customer service helps you to

Translator Vs Interpreter
It is very rare for the same person to provide both the translation and interpretation services. Both of these are high demand linguistic services. With

Is linguistics a science?
The scientific debate plays out as a classic David-and-Goliath story, with Chomsky as a famous, ivory-tower intellectual whose grand armchair proclamations are challenged by a

The Language of Food: A Linguist Reads the Menu
You're getting the VIP treatment! With the purchase of Kobo VIP Membership, you're getting 10% off and 2x Kobo Super Points on eligible items. Please

Sure, you can walk in someone’s shoes, but why not learn to speak their language?
What do you call the sunlight that passes through the leaves of a tree? Or the long reflection the moon casts on a lake that

Language Training Is a Win Win
Communication is a crucial factor in successful business. Whether you’re operating nationally or internationally, a part of multicultural teams, or working with multinational companies, communication


Linguistic Divesity growing fast in Australia
Australia is becoming more linguistically diverse. The latest census data shows an increase in the number of people who speak a language other than English

The Danish language’s irritable vowel syndrome
It’s not because Danish kids are dumb, or because Croatian kids are geniuses. It’s because Danish has too many vowel sounds, according to Dorthe Bleses,

How our everyday language has cheapened
I am no saint when it comes to language. I’m embarrassed to say it but when I missed a plane recently through no fault of

Cloud Based Language Learning 2017 Global Market to Reach US $6 billion and Growing at a CAGR of 6.05% by 2021
The report also provides market share and profiles the key vendors operating in the Worldwide Cloud Based Language Learning Market and further shows a detailed

Triggered Millennials And The Tyranny Of PC Language
The author makes an effort to inform older readers that PC language is not censorship; rather it is an invitation to confront prejudice and to

Facebook is becoming our most spoken 'language'
If you're not yet using Facebook, you may be missing the boat on humanity's fastest growing movement toward a common language. Or you may be

The hidden ways your language betrays your character
If you overheard a conversation on a bus, do you think you could tell from the words that were used and the topics discussed, the

TransPerfect Renames Remote Interpreting Division
TransPerfect has renamed its Remote Interpreting Division to TransPerfect Connect in an effort to express that the company does more than interpretation. “We are much

Govt To Employ Sign Language Interpreters At Public Events
This follows the Ghana Federation of Disability making known its displeasure over the lack of a sign language interpreter at President Akufo-Addo’s media encounter on

New York City Expands Language Access to Arabic, French, Urdu, and Polish
The new law also requires city agencies to provide free interpretation services and to post multilingual signage on the availability of the services. New York

Invisible Grammar
It's not just linguistic grammars, of course. Grammar is the set of rules and principles by which a language is organised, but all manner of

Why do human beings speak so many languages
Our colleague Claire Bowern, a linguist at Yale University, created a map that shows the diversity of aboriginal languages – a total of 406 –

You Can Now Learn High Valyrian from DuoLingo
Valyrian is a real language with its own unique grammar and gender system. Valyrian was created by linguist David J. Peterson, who also created the

What is It Like to Be a Second Language Writer?
I am originally from Libya so English is not my first language, Arabic is. I began learning English in third grade. My parents decided to

Enhancements for the DAX language in Analysis Services 2016
With the release of SQL Server 2016, several improvements were shipped for Analysis Services Tabular. A couple of key enhancements were made to the DAX

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