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Top terminology databases for translation
You know that feeling. You have so many links to glossaries and dictionaries that you forget what you actually have saved. Your best bet is

Seen from the Trenches of Patent Translation Warfare, Is Machine Translation a Translator’s Friend, or Enemy?
The Good I’ll start with the good. Like many or probably most translators at this point, I am now using machine translation and multilingual online

Pakistani Professor Develops First Ever Urdu Speech Recognition Database
“We hope that release of this corpus will also prove beneficial for regional languages in the country and languages lacking ample linguistic resources all over

Reason British accents are perfect for film villains has been revealed - and it's all to do with class
Actors from the UK who speak with Received Pronunciation are seen as more physically attractive and from a higher class based on how they speak,

Seven Body Language Mistakes You Won't Want to Make In Your Next Interview
A job interview is your best chance to make a good impression on a future boss and team, and while it’s also a time for

‘It’s RIDICULOUS’ NHS spends £100 million on TRANSLATORS for 128 languages in five years
An NHS report revealed: "This service is for patients with English language difficulties who require an Interpreter to communicate with staff on their hospital consultations

Telangana rapes: 3 girls travel 1,200 km for justice, find trial put off
The three have stood their ground despite threats. The defence lawyer got the trial postponed for the second time after objecting to the appointment of

Seafarer's death highlights interpreter shortage
In his narration, Mualip describes Supriyanto as having been beaten by crew members on the ship before recording the video. Supriyanto was sporting swelling and

Machine Translation Market with Geographic Segmentation, Statistical Forecast and Competitive Landscape Report to 2022
Next part of the Machine Translation Market analysis report speaks about the manufacturing process. The process is analysed thoroughly with respect three points, viz. raw

Sunday Submissions: 3 Translation Contests and a Magazine Courting Translators
Three new contests are open for translators, and The Chattahoochee Review announces that they don’t charge translators a submission fee: Epiphany literary journal has opened

Glossaries at SIS: Terminology for HIV/AIDS, Disasters, Toxicology and More
From the NLM Outreach and Special Populations branch: Whenever you learn about a new health topic, you’ll need to become familiar with a new set

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Receives Formal Language Complaints
Most Canadians are multilingual, and many speak French and English, which are the official languages of the country. However, Quebec is the only province in

Four Tips to Successful Localization for Global Travel Brands
The online travel and hospitality industry is highly competitive and there is an imperative need for compelling content to reach international audiences, using the latest

Translating Trump — literally
And we enlist the expertise of several Davids and one Jami: Chinese linguist David Moser, The Washington Post's Moscow Bureau Chief David Filipov, Princeton Professor

Language Solutions adds WPML integration for WordPress Translation Services
Language Solutions is connected to WPML directly through WPML's Translator Hub. By providing a token to the WordPress developer, the WordPress site is directly connected.


Hands-on with the completely revamped Terminology dictionary app
AppleInsider delves into the newly re-written Terminology app, which provides definitions for words highlighted within other apps. Simply put, Terminology 4.0.1 is a dictionary app

Mohammed bin Rashid Arabic Language Award receives first time entries
Outstanding initiatives will be honoured, along with exceptional contributions to support the Arabic language in the areas of education, media, Arabisation, technology, preservation and dissemination

‘Sanskrit had potential to become a global language’
Replying to questions posed by the audience, eminent linguist S. Shettar also touched upon the topic of Sanskrit saying it was not possible reach a

You can’t appreciate the greatest book if the translation is rubbish: Deborah Smith
Photo: Priyanka Parashar/Mint Jaipur: Deborah Smith was 22 when she first started learning a new language. Like most Britishers, she was monolingual till she picked

British Council Uses Confirmit For International English Language Investigation
Australians will be asked to participate in a ground-breaking, global study to evaluate the levels of English reading, writing, speaking and listening around the world.

Coming soon: First-of-its-kind Indian sign language dictionary
“I am deaf and I have my own language. From where I stand, those who cannot understand my language suffer an impairment,” he gesticulates, as

Miss Universe winners to Maxine Medina: Be a good host, get an interpreter
Since the Miss Universe pageant was founded in 1952, the Philippines has won the title a total of three times; in 1969 as represented by

Konkani Sahitya Academy Honourary Award 2016 announced
author of 'Sri Srinivasa Kalyanam' and Kasaragodu Chinna for translating 'Kannadachyo Thees Kaniyo'. While the honorary award will have cash prizes of Rs 50,000, those

Jaipur Literature Festival 2017: It Was Full House for Shashi Tharoor, Javed Akhtar and Mallika Dua's Sessions
However, opinions differ on whether translation does a service to the original work by taking it to a wider readership, or destroys its very essence

Translation, attribution and accuracy
On the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration as the President of the U.S., the newspaper retracted a story that dealt with a possible shift in

6 Core Roles of a Successful Global Marketing Team
They ought to understand the technical aspects of multilingual SEO and how website structure and coding must be configured to enable global search best practices.

Agile Development Puts Translation Speed to the Test
Maintaining a rapid rhythm of coding, shipping, and improving products becomes much more complicated when localization is added to the equation. The tedious work of

Proclamation recognizes 35th anniversary of College of Languages, Linguistics & Literature
LINGUISTICS & LITERATURE has helped to preserve cultural and linguistic resources through research and activities related to the documentation, preservation, and revitalization of endangered languages;

Think your dog talks like people? Scientists say you might just be right.
At least, that was the common thinking when Dion was little. It dates back to a study on a dead rhesus monkey in 1969, said

NU’s language fest tries to make linguistics appealing for millennials
Summary: To rekindle the interest for language in this tech-savvy generation, the department of linguistics, of Nagpur University , has organised a 'language fest' on

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