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Pestana Group Selects TransPerfect for Localization of Global Content
The result is a five-star multilingual site with a seamless multichannel experience for enhanced client satisfaction and loyalty. “We are excited to provide our online

Empowering a new generation of localization professionals
When her grandmother Chadia turned 80, Christina Hayek—an Arabic Language Manager at Google—and her sisters wanted to give their beloved sitto a gift that would

Does your accent make you sound smarter?
Yet, it’s unreasonable to suppose most Britons are speaking their own language incorrectly. Linguist and author Rosina Lippi-Green refers to this as “the standard language

ADA-Required Interpreting Services Now Available Throughout the United States
SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwired - May 22, 2017) - Sorenson Community Interpreting Services (SCIS) is now providing onsite, in-person sign language interpreting services to U.S.

Deaf woman appeal allowed over interpreter
A severely deaf woman who claims her repeated requests to police for an interpreter went unheeded has won an appeal to have her discrimination case

‘We poets are the absolute antitheses of Trump’: a new collection takes a stand
Translator Robert Bly, who won the National Book Award in 1968 for “The Light Around the Body,” masterfully renders Tranströmer’s work. A psychologist who worked

American Literary Translators’ Mentorship Program Applications Are Open
Applications are being accepted by the American Literary Translators Association (ALTA) for its Emerging Translator Mentorship. The program, now in its third year, according to

The world's first emoji translator is Irish
As we reported at the end of last year, an translation agency in London was seeking applicants for the world's first emoji translator. You might

Machine Translation – A Potted History
The concept of machine translation has existed for centuries, but it was not until the early 1950s that it began to become a reality. Since

Watch: Labour aims for Deaf votes with MP’s signed video and BSL recognition pledge
The Labour party is making a strong pitch for Deaf votes in the General Election. Dawn Butler MP, who hit the headlines in March when

Multilingual handbooks distributed to help medics assist foreign accident victims
The National Institute for Emergency Medicine (NIEMS) has produced a handbook detailing patient symptoms in English, Chinese, Japanese, Burmese and Malay to smooth communications and

Research focused on the language translation software market forecast to 2022
Global Language Translation Software Market Report is a professional and in-depth research report on the world's major regional market conditions of the Language Translation Software

Live Human Interpreter Service on Your Smartphone
Stepes — Hire Your Personal Human Travel Translators Anywhere in the World Easily, All from Your Smartphone! Download Our Free Translation App Today. Are you

Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Translations
The main source of TheFreeDictionary's general English dictionary is Houghton Mifflin's premier dictionary, the American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. This authoritative

Examples of the Kazakh culture will be translated into the languages of the UN
The best examples of the Kazakh culture will be translated into the languages of the United Nations. According to the pertinent department, the selection of


How to Write Content That’s Easy to Localize
You know by now that localization is best planned from the start. So, if you’re getting your website overhauled, be sure to factor in internationalization

Americanize!: Why the Americanisation of English Is a Good Thing
Do words like movie or cookie raise your linguistic hackles? Do you hate to hear someone ask if they can 'get' a coffee or 'reach

Hospitals lack sign language interpreters in ER
The Americans with Disabilities Act requires all hospitals that receive federal money to provide deaf patients with adequate services to ensure effective communication, including on-site

‘I was panicked’: Deaf patients struggle to get interpreters in medical emergencies
I didn’t know what was happening, when it was happening.” With the minutes ticking by and staff still unable to operate the video interpreting service,

NSW Premier’s Literary Awards 2017 Winners Announced!
In all this Boyle, their fictive translator, is deeply enmeshed… Learn more. Twelve-year-old Iris has been sent to Spain on a mission: to make sure

Denys Johnson-Davies, renowned Arabic to English literary translator dies at 94
Denys Johnson-Davies, renowned British literary translator died Monday at the age of 94. As a child, Johnson-Davis lived in Egypt, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and England.

The Translator Relay: María José Giménez
María José Giménez. Photo by Henry Amistadi. WWB’s Translator Relay features an interview with a different translator each month. This month’s translator will choose the

Translator in migrant trials charged with perjury
Kecskemét, May 22 (MTI) – The Kecskemét Prosecutor’s Office brought perjury charges against a translator involved in the trials on the 2015 Röszke disturbances involving

Global Language Translation Software 2021 Market Analysis and Forecasts New Research Report
“Global Language Translation Software Market Report 2016” Purchase This Report by calling at +1-888-631-6977. This market research report delves deep into the global Language

39th Translating and the Computer Conference (TC39), 16-17 November 2017, London
London, UK (AsLing): The International Association for Advancement in Language Technology (AsLing) is delighted to announce the forthcoming 39th edition of the annual Translating and

Kannada bodies oppose diktat on Malayalam language
“The government should rectify the clauses in the Malayalam language ordinance that came into being on April 10 as it would compel the linguistic Kannada-speaking

Global Cloud Based Language Learning Market Size, Status and Forecast 2022
4.1 Global Cloud Based Language Learning Market Size by Type (2012-2017) 4.2 Global Cloud Based Language Learning Market Size by Application (2012-2017) 4.3 Potential Application

The World’s Most Powerful Languages
For instance, what tongues should be prioritised when setting up hotlines, creating websites and translating business materials? Organisers of international events requiring interpreters now have

Ah, the joys and challenges of translating Trump into Russian
She says in the mainstream American media, a lot gets lost in translation. Take the word Putin used to describe Donald Trump during the presidential

The staff of this Zimbabwean hospital are learning sign language to help deaf patients
The Wilkins Infectious Disease hospital in Harare, Zimbabwe is determined to bridge the gap between deaf people and access to good healthcare services by introducing

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