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Effective Multilingual E-discovery
Nowhere is the language obstacle more pervasive than in the legal profession—and more specifically in the area of discovery—where documents created in any language could

German Book Prize Announces a 20-Title Longlist
“The linguistic diversity in the authors’ approaches to their material is vast. They don’t shy away from classical narrative any more than from an exuberant,

Massey opens language research centre with China
Chinese language teaching in New Zealand is about to get a major boost with the establishment of a Joint Research Centre in Applied Linguistics run

Five translation and language learning apps to make international business easier
Our world is smaller than it ever has been thanks to modern technology. We can communicate around the globe in an instant, businesses easily straddle

TIGRINYA INTERPRETERS job in London at Aqua Interpreting Group
Freelance TIGRINYA Interpreters required in UK Aqua Interpreting Group is currently recruiting freelance interpreters in all languages to meet the growing demand for interpretation services.

Korean interpreter will soon be available at Palisades Park council meetings
PALISADES PARK — A Korean interpreter provided by the borough will soon be available upon request at council meetings. But on Tuesday, community members took

Court Interpreters Serve All Parties
There is when a trained, professional, certified or truly qualified interpreter aids the cause of justice. When a limited English proficient (LEP) individual has an

Bangkok bomb trial of two Chinese Uygurs is postponed after interpreter faces drugs charge
The trial of two men accused of involvement in the deadly bombing of a shrine in Bangkok in August was postponed on Tuesday for more

Interpreter missing at trial for Bangkok shrine bombing
The trial of two foreigners accused of bombing a shrine in the centre of Bangkok, killing 20 people and injuring dozens more, was postponed today

The Imminent Fall of the Language Barrier Brings Huge Cultural Challenges
For years, if anyone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was "a translator". In my student days I

For the First Time, You’ll Be Able to Read Ancient Egyptian Literature in English
But finding translated works of ancient Egypt isn’t as simple. While ancient Egyptians are known for their architectural feats—like the Great Pyramid and the temples

Tale of Kieu in Romanian language
The book was published in 1967 by the Bucharest Literature Publishing House and was translated from the French version by Pham Van Vinh by Romanian

Women In Translation Month: Moving Forward
Women In Translation Month only lasts until the end of August – but there’s so much to look forward to the rest of the year

MPs Demand For Translation of Laws In More Local Languages
Register for free and get your first full articles on us. You must fill in all fields to successfully register. The more you purchase, the

European Youth Press renews its partnership with Kontax to support media freedom worldwide
Berlin, Germany (Kontax): European Youth Press, an umbrella association for young journalists working in 27 countries, has renewed its partnership with Kontax, the multilingual PR


Cautionary Tales Prove Content Localization is Important for Advertisers
"Don't assume that any multilingual person is a linguist...who can translate and localize content accurately and professionally." Lastly, be sure to capture value and measure

Hoax or Secret Code? Copies of Unreadable Manuscript to Be Published
A 2013 study published in the journal PLOS ONE claimed that "Voynichese"statistically adhered to linguistic rules. The authors of that study couldn't decode any words,

11 Things Easier Than Speaking Your Native Language
Philip Sopher Philip is the Founder and CEO of Accint, the iPhone app for connecting language learners with native speakers. He has 2 unpublished novels.

WA linguist welcomes Indigenous words in Australian National Dictionary
A West Australian linguist has welcomed the inclusion of words from more than 100 Indigenous languages to the Australian National Dictionary. The new additions were

With Interpreter on the Run, Erawan Bombing Trial is Postponed to September
Military and police officers on Aug. 17, 2015, inspect the scene of carnage at Erawan Shrine in Bangkok. BANGKOK — The first court examination of

‘More At Peace’: Interpreters key to easing patients’ final days
MORENO VALLEY >> Alfredo David lay in bed, looking deflated under an Avengers blanket, as a doctor, two nurses, and medical interpreter Veronica Maldonado entered

Does Donald Trump need an interpreter?
Does Donald Trump need an interpreter? When his staff members explain what Trump meant to say on a controversial subject, their responses seem miles apart

Bexhill students make plea for sign language interpreters
Unlike deaf people, patients with speech, language or communication needs are not entitled to an interpreter when visiting the doctors. They can apply in advance

Oscars: Australia Selects 'Tanna' for Foreign-Language Category
The story and dialogue were developed over the course of a six-month shoot through workshopping, improvisation on location and close consultation with J.J. Nako, a

9 Books We’re Glad Were Translated Into English
According to an article published by Forbes, only 18% of Americans can speak a second language. Yet, there is a whole wide world of writers

Kazemi’s 'Year of the Tree' Translated Into English
Iranian fiction writer Zoha Kazemi's fourth Persian novel 'Year of the Tree' has recently been translated into English by American translator Caroline Croskery. Candle &

500-year-old hidden images revealed in Mexican 'manuscript'
Other Mexican codices recovered from this period contained colorful pictographs — images that represent words or phrases — which have been translated as descriptions of

Teleperformance to Offer Translation Services Following LanguageLine Acquisition
French call center giant Teleperformance is acquiring Silicon Valley firm LanguageLine Solutions LLC for US$1.52 billion to add translation services to its portfolio. Based in

Manual advises how to avoid violent situations with the deaf
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — In North Carolina, where a deaf driver was shot and killed by a State Highway Patrol trooper, the state officers are

Princeton University Tells Staff to Stop Using the Word 'Man'
Princeton University is seemingly phasing out references to the word "man," as the historic Ivy League institution has issued a memo detailing the gender-inclusive terminology

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