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USA (New York) - Sign Language Interpreter Services - Deadline July 16, 2015
Government Authority located in New York USA based organization looking for expert vendor for sign language interpreter services. Vendor needs to provide American Sign Language

7 Affordable Marketing Tools That You Probably Overlooked
CMS Critic
If you don't have app localization, you're missing out on the majority of your potential app customers. This goes beyond translation and includes

Odisha: 60 tribes will get ST status said Union tribal minister Jual Oram
Oram also informed the meeting that in-principle approval for recognizing the Vishva Bharati, Shanti Niketan as the other centre of excellence in the filed

Harry Potter translator hits out at Finland's refugee policy
Jaana Kapari-Jatta, who translated the Harry Potter novels into her mother tongue, has criticised Finland's policy on refugees, saying it makes her ashamed to

Translating André du Bouchet.
The Fortnightly Review
In practical terms, I know Riley concurs with me that most translators simply have to confront the task before them, and no

Sign of the times as Tiny Talk classes in Burton and South Derbyshire win trio ...
Burton Mail
Tiny Talk, which has been running in the area for 13 years, uses British Sign Language to help develop the speech and communication

Google Translate gets more conversational
Google Translate is notorious for spewing out either oddly worded or overly formal results, but the company says it's getting better thanks to people's

Batmobile failure, Final Fantasy VII translation, and Dragon Age vs. The Witcher 3
The main problem, which they should hopefully be able to fix, is the terrible translation, which barely makes any sense most of the time,

TeamVisibility Licenses AppTek's ASR for Meaningful Data Mining
PR Web (press release)
Machine translation software can reduce the time and cost for all translation needs, such as data triage, mining, gisting, summarization, and

Want To Learn Minion Language? Here's A List Of Minion Words And Their ...
Tech Times
In the world of Conlangs (or constructed languages), Klingon, Elvish, Dothraki and Esperanto were created by expert linguists. Just like real languages, they

Canberra preschoolers learn local Indigenous language of ACT, southern NSW
ABC Online
A group of Canberra preschoolers are being taught the local Indigenous language of the ACT and southern New South Wales. The program is

Translating André du Bouchet.
The Fortnightly Review
He went on to say that the whole question of ?creative translation,? as against transliteration or literal renderings, is a problem created

Rockford's La Voz Latina to halt business until Illinois budget crisis resolved
Rockford Register Star
La Voz Latina will continue its interpretation and translation services, along with domestic-violence programs, because they don't rely on state money. The

European Language Technology Innovation Award for Speexx
RealWire (press release)
The LT-Innovate Summit is the annual point of convergence for the Language Technology Industry to network, discuss strategies and explore innovation and

Lawsuit: Sign-language interpreters fail to communicate
The Colorado Independent
I knew this was not a certified interpreter.? Indeed, Nicki said the interpreter resorted to the cumbersome Signing Exact English even though


Apple licenses WhiteSmoke, Apply to distribute app
The share price of Apply, controlled by Babylon Ltd. (TASE:BBYL) controlling shareholder Noam Lanir, has climbed 65% over the past year, and now gives

Efforts to Save 'Endangered' Language
"Because the language is worth it, worthy. The language is the cultural heritage of the people," says Jan Ulrich. They want to help teachers

Study Offers New Evidence That Google Skews Search Results
The first version showed results that included Google's so-called Local OneBox, which shows a select list of businesses at the top of the search

Srebrenica interpreter not welcome in The Hague
A former interpreter for Dutch forces in Srebrenica has had his invitation to a conference in The Hague withdrawn because his presence would be

?Cisgender? Is Now Defined In The Oxford English Dictionary
The Frisky
The word ?cisgender? has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary with the definition, ?Designating a person whose sense of personal identity corresponds

Nurses gain knowledge to serve diverse patients
Holy Name will use Language Line, which offers non-English speaking families interpretation of more than 170 languages via telephone or video. It has invested

Italian translation of Civil Code of Iran published in Rome
Tehran Times
TEHRAN ? An Italian translation of ?The Civil Code of the Islamic Republic of Iran? has recently been published in Rome. Raffaele Mauriello,

Missing Translation is a pixel art puzzler which includes an original language ...
Pocket Gamer
Missing Translation includes its very own language which you must decipher. It's very intriguing. You can also explore a town full of interesting

Researchers Creating 'Brain-To-Text' System
CBS Local
Machines tracking algorithms were used to identify the most likely word sequences and then a text was created by an automatic speech-to-text method.

AnyTranscription Upgrades its Speech Recognition Technology to Offer ...
Satellite PR News (press release)
WUHAN, China, June 29, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ ? AnyTranscription has comprehensively upgraded its speech recognition technology, massively expanded its voice and

The future of America's endangered languages
The Week Magazine
Navajo has some of the highest numbers of native speakers of any indigenous language in America, but it's far from the only

SMC's Indic Keyboard now supports 23 languages in Asia
Intelligent word suggestion for transliteration which helps typing faster with fewer keystrokes. ? For languages with complex letters the app now has the ability

Russian Library Translation Project Wants to Bring You Even More Russian ...
If you're a fan of Russian literature, it's time for you to get excited! There's a new translation project for Russian literature, both the

Forest Service Officers Interpretive Language Service
Twin Falls Times-News
TACOMA, Wash. (AP) | The U.S. Forest Service program is starting a new program that aims to help non-native English speakers enjoy

Market reports on language translation software strategies and forecasts ...
The major players in the global language translation software market are Lionbridge, Language Engineering, LLC, Google, Asia Online, Systran, IBM, Softissimo, Babylon, Microsoft, and

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